About Andrew F Grimm

My name is Andrew F Grimm. I am full-time artist with a master degree from Florence National Academy of Fine arts of Italy(Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze). I have been painting and selling on line since 2006. Oil painting and acrylic are my favorite medium. I am a person who would never be bored of seeing the colors on the canvas. I am really obsessed with landscapes and abstracts paintings but I would also love to paint other things from still-life to seascape or some personalized styles.


I seldom use brushes to draw. I like using palette knives and other tools to apply heavy layers of paint. While I am doing the paintings, I would like to listen to light music, which is really a relaxing way to do my work. Instead of painting, I love reading, traveling, watching movies and drinking wine with my friends.

To see all my paintings, please check out my online studio, www.paintingpavilion.com. Hope you would enjoy it!!!